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The Faith Behind the Crown

Today we all received the sad news that our Nation and Commonwealth’s Queen had passed away. She reigned for over 70 years and for most people is the only Royal Head of State they have ever known. Just think of the shear number of World Leaders and world events which have come and gone during her reign - all the while she has been the one constant in our lives.


The one thing that stood out in my memories of her is the way she professed her Christian faith during her televised Christmas messages, and I suspect more people have heard the Gospel message from her lips than we will ever realise.

In her 2014 Christmas address she said, “For me, the life of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, whose birth we celebrate today, is an inspiration and an anchor in my life. A role model of reconciliation and forgiveness, he stretched out his hands in love, acceptance and healing.”


May the Queen’s life serve as an inspiration for us to reveal to others the faith behind our lives.


Pastor Barry


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